May 3, 2011

No Pills. No Powders. No Appetite Suppressants. No Fat Binders. No False Promises

            In the past year, Americans spent more than $17 billion on weight loss supplements. Over a thousand different manufacturers produce about 22 thousand different fat loss and diets supplements. 100 million people consume these products!
You can imagine that with so many billions at stake, the advertisers of the weight loss and supplement industry will tell you anything to get you to buy their products, which are probably not helping anyone loss any weight.
Not only that, they will lie and advertise false facts to make you believe that these diet products are safe to use and that they are all you ever needed to loss weight.
The fact that this industry is so loosely regulated allows them to go on deceiving innocent people that simply want to make their life better.
We can hear all the time about people who consumed powders, pills or other diet related products and ended up with nothing to show for it. Maybe they lost a few pounds, but surely, after a few weeks, they gained it all back. What they did not get back are the thousands of dollars they wasted on those stupid false products.
Like so many other former overweight people, me included, you can also lose weight in a healthy way, by doing some simple things like following a smart fitness and diet plan, eating healthy but tasty foods, drinking enough water, sleeping enough and eating small meals 5 or 6 times in a day.
Your body uses food for energy, not pills!
Yes, I admit it…I am not into magic weight loss pills, powders or appetite suppressants and fat binders. I strongly believe that these are false promises. Do not waste any more time and money.