May 3, 2011

Lose Weight the Healthy Way!

            If you want to eat healthy and lose weight, you must concentrate on making health your first priority.
The truth is this: we can only lose weight if we burn more calories than we consume. To do this, we either have to eat less, exercise more or, ideally, do both.
However, pay attention!
The healthiest way to lose weight is neither crash diets nor excessive cardio exercises.
Starvation diets that severely restrict calories or the types of food can lead you to be deficient in the nutrients and vitamins that your body needs. Our bodies need food to function properly! So, do not starve, you don’t need to!
            On the other hand, a person who has not exercised for years should not rush into running the marathon. Not only you will feel demotivated, you are also far more likely to injure yourself and set your fitness levels back further. Keep in mind that excessive cardio exercises can even reduce immunity and weaken your joints.
This is why I am so fond of Craig Ballantyne's "Turbulence Training". This smart fitness program is just great because the author pays special attention to beginners. It helped me prevent the injuries overweight people usually get when they start exercise. So, thank you Mister Ballantyne!
You see, the body wants slow changes in terms of exercise and food. And, yes, small changes will make a big difference. Make small changes each and every day and you will slowly (but surely) lose those extra pounds. The key is to forget about instant results and settle in for the long run.
            There are no shortcuts to losing weight in a healthy and reasonable way. This is why the experts always talk about weight loss in terms of healthy diet and correct fitness exercises.
So, if you need to lose weight, what should you do? Nothing but two things!
First, find a smart fitness routine that fits your needs as a beginner, intermediate and more advanced fitness practitioner. I started Craig Ballantyne's "Turbulence Training” 14 months ago and still doing it. It helped me shed more then 50 pounds of excess fat and get the lean, toned and muscular body I always wanted.
Yes, I am proud of my success. And once you will begin his fitness routine, you will look good and feel good, too. Take a look at my review, so you will find out more about smart and healthy fitness.
 Second, find a healthy balanced diet plan that allows you to eat tasty foods. This diet plan must teach you not only what to eat, but also how much to eat and when to eat.
Such a diet will include adequate protein, adequate carbohydrates, adequate fiber, adequate vitamins and minerals. It will also include no more than 30 percent of calories, from fat per day and at least 8 glasses, 8 ounces each, of water or water-based beverages, per day.
I know it sounds complicated, but it’s not. Once you find the correct diet, just follow the instructions and have a food diary to keep track of what you eat.
I, personally follow The Diet Solution Program, by certified nutritionist Isabel De Los Rios. This is one diet plan that made my life much easier! Not only I can consume various quality and tasty foods, but also eat according to my metabolic type and always stay within the right caloric range.
So feel free to follow it, too!  But first, read my review!
Keep the above information in mind when pursuing your goals toward weight loss, fitness and better nutrition. Make both healthy eating and exercise a way of life!