May 3, 2011

Starvation Diet IS NOT a Diet!

            By definition, dieting is eating the right food, in right quantity, at the right time.
            So why starve?!
            There have always been fad diets available, such as the "no carbohydrate" diet, the "low carbohydrate diet" and let's not forget the famous "cabbage soup" diet.
It may look like you are going on a diet that will bring you the results you want, but it does not.
If you ever tried a starving diet, you probably lost some pounds quickly at first, but as time went by, it became much harder to lose the extra weight. Finally, you got to a point that you were actually starving yourself and still not losing weight at all.
Starving diets do not work because they slow down the metabolism and put the body into a starvation mode, making it impossible to lose weight in a healthy way.
I know it because five years ago, I tried such a “diet”. I felt miserable all the time and I was always hungry and tired.
Obviously, after a couple of months I stopped… meaning going back to my regular eating habits… but I had a new problem. You see, when you stop the starving diet, your metabolism is still stuck in a low calorie-burning mode and by the time it catches up, you have gained all the weight back and even a few extra pounds.
The other problem is the loss of muscle mass. As you know, muscle mass is a major part of the body that burns fat, but on a very low-calorie diet you are losing fat as well as your muscle mass. When you stop this diet, you put all the lost weight back on, but you also end up with even more fat and less muscle to burn it with.
            Bottom line, IT IS NOT HEALTHY. So if you are on such a diet, I advice you to stop immediately.
            Starving yourself will affect your health and damage your kidneys, liver and the rest of your organs. The more you starve yourself, the bigger these problems will become.
Just say NO to starvation diets!
There is an alternative that will allow you to eat very tasty foods, but in the right quantities and at the right time, so you can lose weight and be as healthy as you can be.
 It is called The Diet Solution Program, created by nutritionist Isabel De Los Rios, and I am strongly recommending it to everyone interested in living a healthy lifestyle.

Along with Craig Ballantyne's "Turbulence Training", The Diet Solution Program is responsible for my own great physical transformation in the past 14 months.