May 9, 2011

Best Push-up Exercises for Home Gym Workouts

            You are about to discover five unique push ups that will not only permit you to integrate bodyweight training into your workouts, but will also give you the flexibility to do them at home, while traveling, or at the gym.
The greatest thing about these training exercises is that they not only train your chest and your abs, but they will also improve the shoulder mobility. Therefore, if you are sitting at a desk all day long, risks are you are immobile in the shoulder area.
By doing these push ups you will produce extra movement in the shoulder blade region, as well as relief from neck and rotator cuff pain.
So the five push up exercises I will tell you about are: spiderman, grasshopper, push up plus, T push up, and the elevated push up.
1. For the spiderman push up, you will want to be in the regular push up position. As you go down, bring your knee up to your elbow, and returning your knee back to its original position on your way back up. Switch sides.
2. When doing the grasshopper, as you descend, your leg will come across your body, and return to its original position as you push up. Switch sides.
3. For the push up plus, place your hands in a more narrow grip than you would with a regular push up. Go down as normal, and then when you push up, once at the top give a little extra push and feel the stretch in your shoulder blades. Therefore, the blades will come together on the way down and then apart at the top, helping to improve your mobility.
4. In the T push up position, you will go down, as you push up, rotate outwards into a T position, and then back down again. Switch sides.
5. The last variation of the push up is the elevated push up. To execute this you will need a step, a block, or anything that will permit you to elevate 4-6 inches. Do a regular push up with one hand elevated. This exercise will work the finger-like muscles that come across the front of the torso.
So those are the five unique push ups that you can do anyplace, anytime in your home gym workouts to transform your body.
Discover bodyweight exercise workouts and do more push-ups while losing belly fat and building ripped six pack abs in less workout time than ever before.