May 8, 2011

How to increase your motivation

            Here are a few ways I apply to force myself to get started and begin making positive change. I promise that they'll be of use to you also.

1. Stop Wishing on a Star
I still catch myself doing this occasionally. Wishing upon a star to grant me all my wishes. I figure if I'm good enough, or patient enough, that genie will come along and grant me the 3 wishes. Naturally, this isn't going to happen, and life isn't a movie. The greatest power we will ever feel is that moment when we become entirely self-responsible for everything in our lives. It's empowering to acknowledge that regardless what, the outcome of our goals relies absolutely on ourselves.
2. Taking Control
Lack of motivation commonly emerges when we don't have control, do not agree with the direction or formula of reaching a particular goal.  So, how do we improve our motivation?  Increase our level of control over whatever situation.  That may mean suggesting alternate directions, ways or modifying our situation totally.
3. Take Responsibility
Nothing can bring you success but yourself. You are the creator of your life. The experiences you have are simply a representation of your perspective. Change your perspective and focus on the good things in bad situations. Become an inverse paranoid. See the world as working to help you rather than against you. You are the only one responsible for the way you're living today, either except it or don't. Either way you decided.
4. Success Demands Action
            When I am feeling down and out, action is the only thing that gets me back in the game. I spend a moment to recenter and quite all the disturbance of life. I literally close my eyes and delete all the damaging thoughts and emotions. When I reopen my eyes, I see the world in afresh-invigorated light. From that moment forward, I simply just begin moving. I take whatever steps I can and continue to move forward till I build the needed impulse to achieve whatsoever goal is at hand.
5. Do Smart Fitness
            Craig Ballantyne's Turbulence Training has been a personal antidote of mine to fight lack of energy and motivation. His smart fitness has helped me get a physically fit body, enhanced energy, and self-confidence. There's nothing like it! The sense of achievement you get from doing so will stay with you and push you when attempting to achieve additional goals. And don’t forget to eat tasty, but healthy foods!
6. Self Improvement Study
            Nothing has been more fundamental in changing my life than the study of self-improvement. I spend at least half-hour each day reading some sort of self-improvement or personal development book. This has been an integral step of mine to produce a clear, focused, and positive psychological state.
7. What Are You Grateful For
            Being in a state of gratitude is one of the greatest pickups you will be able to use. Just the fact that you have the capability to read this is something to be thankful for. When you stop focusing on all those limiting elements, and start thinking about everything you do have instead of don't, you will find yourself in a more resourceful state. I achieve this best by making a Gratitude List. I do this by sitting down with a pad of paper and a pencil and writing down everything I'm grateful for. This is a great way to gain a much-needed linear perspective in tough times.
8. Ask a Friend
            When I am feeling iffy about something and I am not quite sure enough how I'm doing or if I'm putting forth plenty effort, I frequently rely on my closest friends for criticism. As long as your friends are a good support system and are willing to level with you and tell you the truth, I highly recommend this method. A close friend’s point of view of yourself or what you are doing is almost all of the time enough to push someone into taking action.
9. Get Your House in Order
Our home life and personal relationships form our foundation. When there is stress or drama in these areas, it affects the rest of our life. Sort out your relationships, be sure that they are in good order and you will discover it much easier to increase your motivation.
10. Increase Motivation by Abandoning Failed Plans
We are creatures of habit. We fall back into them because they are comfy and familiar, even if they are bad for us! If something has failed for you in the past, change it up. It's amazing how many folks repeat this mistake in trying to increase motivation.
11. Accept Your Mistakes
We are all human. It's natural for us to make mistakes. Accept what you've done wrong and commit to doing better next time. Mistakes are not failures. Mistakes only become failures when you don't learn from them and move on!
12. Become An Early Riser
Waking up early comes with many benefits. I enjoy watching the sunrise and having a nice warm cup of coffee. Having a well planned out and slow paced morning helps me start the day right. I am somewhat of a work-a-holic at heart. Waking up early and taking planned steps helps me start my day out right!