May 9, 2011

How to revitalize an overtrained body

            Is your body feeling broken down or beat up? You are about to receive a workout routine that is designed to reconstruct the perfect body, while burning adipose tissue and sculpting muscle.
We will initiate with a few bodyweight exercises, the 1st one representing the pull-ups. Initiate from a dead hang position, taking an overhand grip slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Pull yourself up and then slowly lower yourself down in a nicely controlled manner.
If you can not do Pull-ups, then an alternative exercise would be the Dumbbell Row. So, for a regular Dumbbell Row, put your leading hand flat on a bench with your back knee bent and the DB held at arm's length. Now, row the Dumbbell Row up while keeping your back flat. After doing all the reps for one side, switch and do the same for the other.
The following exercise is one I have never had you do before in the Turbulence Training programs and that is the SHELC otherwise called the Supine Hip Extension Leg Curl exercise. So, lie on your back and place your feet on the ball hips extended. Now, push the ball out and then curl it in, and then drop down. Repeat the action - extend the hips, push the ball out, curl in, drop down. Make sure not to drop your hips while doing the leg curl as that is the biggest error people frequently do during the leg curl exercise.
For the second superset of Workout A you will initiate by going down to the ground and executing regular Push-ups coupled with DB Split Squats. In this routine you will see "Max2" in place of the reps. What that means is you will execute 2 less than failure. For instance, if you are able to usually do thirty push-ups, then you will only do twenty-eight. This will ensure you don't compromise your form.
So, for the regular push-up position, your hands are slightly wider than shoulder width apart, body in a straight line, abs braced, and bring your chest down, pause for one second, then back up. The pause down at the bottom will most probable cut some reps off your maximum.
For the Split Squat exercise, if you are a novice then using only your bodyweight is sufficient enough. Begin by taking a slightly larger than normal step, drop your hips straight down, then drive back up. Execute all reps for one side then switch over to the other side.
For the concluding superset of Workout A  you will pair Inverted Rows with Mountain Climbers. If you do not have a bar for the inverted rows, then you will do Dumbbell Row Rear Deltoid Raises. So, for the Inverted Row, take an overhand grip on the bar and row your chest up, concentrating on driving the elbows back and squeezing your shoulder blades together. Do work as hard as you can to be sure most of the stress is in the upper back by trying not to pull with your arms. Therefore squeeze those shoulder blades together and tuck those elbows in.
For the Dumbbell Row Rear Deltoid Raise you will only need a light weight to really feel it in your shoulders. Get your hips back, make sure your lower back is flat, keep your dumbbells at arm's length, and then bring your arms up, really squeezing at the top and then back down.
With the mountain climber, you will assume the push-up position, hands just under your shoulders, with your body in a straight line and your abs braced. Bring your knee up and then out, switching sides.
It is very easy! You should also include some interval training along with some stretching following your reconstruction strength training routine to really ramp up the fat loss.
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