May 3, 2011

The Number One Beginner Mistake

Most beginners, me included, tend to make one big mistake when they start trying to lose fat.
And the Number One Mistake is, "Doing too much, too soon."
It doesn't matter if it is walking, jogging, hill sprints, or pushups, if a beginner starts with too much of the same thing too soon, they will get an overuse injury (and they will get bored).
            You see, 15 months ago, I was an overweight, non-exerciser. I tried to walk myself back into shape and I did 6-7 days per week of hour-long walks, and ended up with ankle problems, tight calves, and back problems.
Beginners are much better off starting with a program that progresses them properly.
So here are 3 beginner workout tips for you:
1. Do a short total body resistance-training workout.
This is much MORE important than trying to out-cardio your belly fat. Not only will you burn a lot of calories, but you'll also build your body up to prepare it for real workouts in the future. Too much cardio only breaks your body down and causes early onset injuries in a beginner's exercise program.
2. Do NOT train 5 days per week.
The more the better, right? …Wrong. Sorry…
Stick to 3 short, total body workouts per week. Stay active on your off days, but keep it to 30 minutes of general exercise and mobility.
Even yoga and Pilates are fine, as long as you have a good teacher who respects your abilities.
After all, even 30 minutes of light exercise is still 30 minutes more than what you were probably doing in the past. Focus on your diet, because that is what will help you lose the most fat when you are a beginner.
3. Choose the right exercises and Do NOT train "old-school" style.
No need for heavy bench presses, heavy leg presses, leg extensions, or one-size-fits-all weight machines. Those are not needed, and will probably do more harm than good right now.
And skip the sit-ups, side bends, endless crunches, and all those useless "old school" abs training methods. Those are no good for you.
The better way to train your "core" (or your "torso", as I prefer to call it), is with Total Torso Training.
Avoid the Number One Beginner Mistake, and use those three tips to choose the right program to get results.
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