May 16, 2011

Best Fitness Model Workout

Think about this for a moment, do you believe an Abercrombie model or a bodybuilder is the most physically attractive? 
I guess the absolute majority of people would say that the Abercrombie model easily wins that competition. So why do we still see so many people obsessed with huge muscle building developing routines?  Wouldn’t it be better to emulate a fitness models training routine to develop lean, defined muscles?
This naturally solicits the question: how would an Abercrombie model train?
There are two decisive factors to any fitness routine: smart diet and smart exercise.  To develop a fitness model look, both of these ingredients will need to be included. While smart diet is best for reducing adipose tissue (...fat), smart fitness exercise is the most reliable method to gain lean muscle. The two factors can be joined into a workout plan that will get you closer to achieving the physique of an Abercrombie model.
In my opinion, the characteristic features of the Abercrombie model are tight, defined abs and lean, toned muscles. It is wise to act upon carving out the six-pack abs prior to beginning work on gaining bigger muscular tissue.
Achieving six pack abs necessitates a blend of a fat blasting, smart workout regime with a smart diet.
You should create a training agenda that works for you, perhaps even splitting these exercises in to a two-day training routine twice weekly, equaling 4 workouts every week. The goal here is to avoid that puffed up appearance of the bodybuilder, building smaller, tighter and stronger-looking muscles that are more pleasing to the eye instead.
Finally, don't undervalue the importance of dieting.  There are only so many hours in a day to exercise at such a degree of intensity. Integrating a smart diet plan in addition to exercise is what will genuinely cause fast fat loss.
Whether you track all your calories, monitor your weight each day, or practice intermittent fasting, you need to ensure you eat at a caloric deficit.
If you have successfully made it through the first phase and melted off your body fat to the point that you can see your abdominals, you can begin the second phase. Your overall goals will influence how you implement this phase.
If you simply want to rapidly increase the size of your muscles, you are able to perform a bodyweight or a weight lifting routine to shrink-wrap your muscles while keeping the same calorie restrictive diet.  Anyone wishing to gain muscles should begin consuming a larger number of calories.  Be careful not to eat too much though as you can only really add so much muscle without gaining fat.
Anybody trying to add muscle mass will need to undergo a workout plan that forces you to push yourself to exhaustion. Rather than low rep sets, you will execute high rep sets and ensure your muscles are fatigued on each exercise. 
If your goal is to increase your muscle mass over a time period, then make certain to step by step move from training to the point of fatigue back to strength training during this phase.
Anybody who exercises their muscles to the point of exhaustion for an extensive period of time will likely attain the puffier visual aspect of a bodybuilder. Then, you will have to return to the low reps, heavier load process of strength work in order to attain leaner, more defined muscles.
In order to get the best final results from this models workout routine, you must keep your focus on toning and increasing muscle size at the same time you are working to burn and keep off fat.
A routine of strength training to build lean, well-defined muscles mixed with high-intensity exercise to effectively burn fat would be at the heart of an Abercrombie model workout.
Such a training program will result in a lithe, sporty visual aspect.  At that point, an Abercrombie model workout could either switch to “shrink wrap” the muscles to provide a tighter, more muscular appearance or switch to a muscle gaining training routine to add a little more bulk.  
After training to failure to increase muscle mass for long time, a fitness model must eventually revert to low rep, heavy weight strength training to avoid the soft bodybuilder look.  
Overall, I would advice you to set aside the bodybuilding approach and start your transformation with Craig Ballantyne's "TurbulenceTraining"the Fitness Models Workout Routine proven to work.